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Digital advertising displays

Exhibition Pop Up Stands & Digital Advertising Displays

PPS are proud to introduce our latest developments in signage with the launch of our new range of digital advertising displays.


Digital advertising displays

These user friendly displays are a logical progression from our extensive range of signage and in addition can be utilised with many of our exhibition systems.


The displays come in a variety of styles and sizes. All are designed for constant 24/7 public usage, achieved by using commercial grade panels and components. This ensures that the ultra sharp colours don’t fade over time, astray would in domestic TV’s and PC monitors.

digital information stands



To protect against potential damage and tampering from the public, our Android displays have a mild steel enclosure, a stylish tempered glass front panel with no easily accessible buttons or controls and a locker door to prevent any unwanted updates. They also feature a number of AV inputs for use as a monitor and feature eco-friendly power timers.


The simplicity of Plug & Play


Thanks to their built in USB media players, most of our products utilise a straightforward plug & play system. Simply load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick and insert into the USB port on the display, which will copy the files onto its internal flash memory.

advertising displays free standing kiosk

“Once you remove the USB, the screen will start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop.”


For the more advanced requirements your business has, the free scheduling software included with the screen can be used.

For example, – If the display was to be used as a digital menu bar, it could show the breakfast menus in the morning and lunch menus in the afternoon, easily programmed for as and when you require.

All our Digital products come with a commercial 3 year warranty & lifetime support as standard.


Here is our list of different Digital Displays and Monitors that we supply.

  • PPS Signage advertising
  • Indoor Android Advertising Displays
  • PPS Signage advertisingIndoor Android Freestanding Digital Kiosks
  • Outdoor Android Advertising Displays
  • Outdoor Android Freestanding Digital Kiosks
  • Professional Monitors
  • High Brightness Professional Monitors – (Also available with a Network Option)
  • Video Wall Displays
  • Commercial Multitouch Screen Displays
  • Android Cloud Network Media Players

We have a range of Cloud Subscription Options for all Above Systems.


Get in touch with us to discuss pricing or to request more information on specific products.