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Exhibition display stands

Be Seen With Our Fantastic New Ranges Of Exhibition Display Solutions.

 PPS have a wealth of experience in the design and production of wide range exhibition stands from large custom built structures through to self-build modular solutions and portable displays.

Directors of PPS

Noel & Lesley Palmer – Directors of PPS

“We provide helpful advice and guidance to clients from the first time event goer through to the seasoned exhibitionist”.



exhibition stands
We offer a wide range of portable displays from roller banners through to larger popup stands that can be utilised at local trade shows and smaller exhibitions. If you opt for a shell scheme at a larger event we offer numerous displays to clad your walls from individual panels through to complete wall fabrics.


Going for space only? We have a range of modular answers to help you create the stand that best works for you. These range from simple wall displays through to more complex stands that include office space, towers and illuminated walls.


Exhibition Display


We can also hire out the hardware on some of these depending on specific requirements.

All Modular solutions can be shipped throughout the UK to any venue and we can even attend to install and remove on your behalf.


“I have had the pleasure of working with PPS for over 25 Years. Their expertise, solutions, products and support on projects both in the UK and internationally, has produced excellent results. They have genuinely contributed to my own company’s success.”

Phil Heighway | Managing Director of Broadley Heighway Associates Ltd.


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