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Brand your roundabout | bowker BMW Preston

Large Format Print for Bowker BMW

With an exciting new showroom under construction for Preston based Bowker BMW at one of the major roundabouts on the Docklands area, the site cladding was calling out for some branding. Scheduled to open during the summer 2015, a poster campaign was designed by Bowker to highlight all the automotive brands they retail including BMW cars & bikes, Minis and Harley – Davidson bikes.

These were to be promoted on 12 large poster sites around the development ranging from 6m x 2.4m to 3.6 m x 2.4m. PPS printed the 120 sq m of these onto blue back poster paper on their new HP latex printers. Pasting the posters onto the wooden hoardings, which will last until the summer opening, carried out installation.