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Our top tips for your signs

WeYour signage says a lot about your business and is a powerful advertising tool in getting you noticed and remembered. It promotes your business 24/7 making it essential that your business signage is well designed, produced and installed.

Do you see business signage that’s so small with too much information on that you can barely read it? Or signs that are clearly outdated and require some TLC? A survey carried out by FedEx office found that half the people they asked said ‘poor signage e.g. misspelled words and bad quality discourages them from entering’. Like when looking for a restaurant to eat at, the sign outside will put me off instantly if it’s aged and falling to pieces – god knows what the food is like if the sign is rusty!

To promote your company amongst competitors, your business signage should be one of your top priorities when opening or rebranding. FedEx office found that more than two thirds of consumers believe a business’ signage shows the quality of services and products being offered. We have seen our fair share of bad signage, so we’ve put together some pointers.

Ways to avoid falling victim to bad business signage:

Less is more – Less is more when it comes to your signs, as well as your outfits, so don’t over do the text. If your sign is crammed with information of what you do, people won’t take the time to read it all and remember it. Make it to the point, informative and memorable.

Location Location Location – The location of your sign is just as important as the design of your sign. If you’re using signage for directional purposes, make sure the signs location mirrors the directional arrows, think about users eye line when they first see the sign, is the traffic coming from straight-on or on a bend?

Signage is used to also help people find YOU, so make sure you’re utilising the space for you sign positions. Spend time planning where your sign will be place to get the most out of it.

Consistency is key – It’s important that your signage is consistent with the rest of your branding and marketing materials. This shows professionalism to the customer and your branding is what makes you memorable. Spend time on the design and artwork of your sign, as this is the first thing people see!

Check before you approve – before going into production, your sign needs to be proof checked to ensure everything is correct from; colours, logos, spelling and content. Having to re-produce your sign is a costly mistake, all because a letter was missed!

And finally, get in touch with professionals – the professionals can help you with the various options for your signs.

We specialise in sign design and manufacture an extensive range of internal and external solutions. Different types of signage we create include:

• Tray signs
• Panel and pole signs
• Flat wall signs
• Flat cut lettering signs
• Illuminated signage
• Directional signs
• Cut to shape signs
• Acrylic signs
• PVC and mesh banner signs

Email to discuss your sign requirements or call 01772 733213.

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